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Our Services

We offer a descreet complete one-stop service to dispose of un-wanted wives.
  • Advanced spyware to detect when your wife is discussing divorce on any PC, Mac, tablet or mobile device.
  • Tailored hits designed to be statistically insignificant to the police, reducing the chance they will investigate further.
  • Briefings on how to look natural during the police interview.
  • Secure, un-tracable communications with your handler / operator.
  • Copies of your wife's communications with friends / lovers / divorce lawyers.
  • Orderly, un-tracable disposal of her belongings and her body.


Meet the Team

We recruite our field-ops from the Army, Navy, Air Force, MI5, MI6 and our hackers are the best money can buy.
  • Founders identity classified.
  • Deborah 'Debz' Foster handles Liaison and Recruitment.
  • Anton is in charge of Unit 5.
  • Hieke (Unit 5 - Field-op) was in the German Army.
  • Keith (Unit 5 - Field-op) was in the British Army.
  • Dillan Doranso (Unit 5 - Field-op) was in the British SAS.
  • Claire (Unit 5 - Hacker)
  • Greg (Unit 5 - Hacker)


Our Hits

We have many happy customers, some of them returning two or three times.
  • Susan Connor (wife of Harold Connor).
  • Sarah Cromwell-Sykes (wife of James Cromwell)
  • Jennie Harrison (wife of Jack Harrison)
  • Freya

Notice: This service have been shut down due to the fact that it's illegal in many countries !
  No women were harmed in the making of this web site.
  And, most importantly, this web site is just to promote my book The Wife Disposal Service.